Thursday, July 20, 2017

Release day- JULY 20, 2017


She’s lived, she’s learned, and the last thing she’s capable of is love. 
“Why are you so mechanical?” Only his words were ever able to sear her. The only real thing she begrudgingly trusts is Z, and he’s partially the reason she’s being hunted. Forced to live a lie, she’s on the run to escape her father’s overbearing requirements, but the danger becomes real when the man she hired to help her disappear has trouble following them. The things she’s believed were never reality and the truth about her life starts to unravel around her. 
Not only is her blood engrained with the DNA of two assassins, she has been training since the age of three for the dangerous life style. She never needed the protection Z was trying to provide but somehow the paycheck, turned nuisance, turned friend, turns into a confusing whirlwind of emotions. 
She learned to forgive but not before it was too late and now her life is ready to start over. 

“I don’t plan on burdening you with my presence for much longer.” 
  “So you’re using me then breaking up with me?” He snickered.
Her eyes widened slightly. “I didn’t realize we were an item.” 
  “I just kinda figured since you’re holding me captive and for ransom that maybe you’d at least do me this one solid.”
  “Being your girlfriend is a ‘solid’?” She chuckled.
  “Yeah! Kind of.” 
  “Sounds more like a drag. Have you always wanted an assassin for a girlfriend? One that holds you for the ransoms of your father’s head?”
  “You’re so fucked up.” He quietly chuckled.
  “You’re the fucked up one.” She ran her fingertip across his jaw. “I’m holding a gun to your stomach and you’re still looking at me like you want to kiss me.”

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