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Review: Dauntless

Dauntless Dauntless by Anne Malcom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lucky holy crap I knew you had demons behind that smile and we have waited for your story, but you make our heartbeat in multiple ways and just the things that you say have us melting with your passion towards Becky and your past demon you hide so well have our heart pumping for revenge. Oh, we know this story was going to be dark, twisted, but holy firecrackers these stories keep getting darker and more page turning each story. That is one thing about this author, she hooks you from page one, keeps you turning the page for more while leaving you yearning to read about other characters in the series. Each book can be read out of order if you choose to read out of order, I did and you can follow along cause while we see the stories continue you never feel lost, you see a new couple and you are left wondering whose story is coming up.
Becky, AKA Bex or Rebecca girl you are one strong women cause I don’t think I would have made your childhood then adulthood. Your life went to worse, good when you meant Lily (well the best it could anyways) then right back to beyond worse. You have willpower though and this could have gone the other way.
Lucky, you may hide behind that smile, but your love from the beginning with Becky was what this world needs. She was your world regardless of her past and current situation she was in. The funny, strong and rough biker had a life that we knew was not good, but once we learn of this your heart breaks then it breaks again with Becky. You knew gave up, even when Becky while being as strong as she could be trying to come out clean felt like you could be an addiction she didn’t need right now while recovering. Wrong, you were the best healing for her.
You will see some dark events in this story and will have you feeling what the characters endured (even the horrible ones), but while hard to subject at time it is so well written that you don’t want to story to end. But, you know what that is OK if it ends cause it just means another secondary character who hasn’t gotten their story yet is going to be coming soon. Rosie, I hope your next cause the man we know you will end up with is the icing to the MC and town plus the shocker you did will cause some major tension between your relationship to not only your relationship, but your brother and the MC. OH it’s going to be a page turner. Would you expect any different from Anne though? Nope, she gives it to us and then some. I’ve said it before and I will continue to say this, The Sons of Templar men just keep getting hotter and hotter and more captivating as we see different sides to them when it’s their turn for their stories. Darkness takes on a whole new meaning after reading this story. Sometimes the laughter at the wrong times is to hide behind the dark and Lucky was able to find his light with Becky even in the worst moments of the darkest story yet in this series. They will never truly be happy based upon the darkness that will never cease, but the love they have will shine through to make them that much stronger. While each story stays with you, Lucky’s will stay with us longer as he masked the real him the best so that is until Anne tops the next story. I don’t know how she does it, but the stories just keep getting darker, more demons come and they still find a way to be at peace the best way they know how together not only with the one, but as an MC.

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