Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review: No Regrets

No Regrets No Regrets by Jess Bryant
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Heart achingly good and sad all at the same time while you read this book. Jemma and Cash both have a past that they wish they could change. Jemma fled her small town never thinking she would see Cash again, but want happens when life outside of the small town isn't such a great big apple after all? Jemma just has no luck with men it seems and that is putting it nicely for what her ex douche of a fiancé did to her. All I gotta say is Hoyt deserved all he got in the end.

Cash may not have the best life, but he makes the most of it the best way he can. He knows that Jemma has always been the one, but when you hurt someone can you show them that you did it to make a better life for them than what you may have been able to provide? In the end the life Jemma had wasn't what Cash had hoped for. Now that she has literally fallen into his arms unexpectedly he must do everything he can to show her that they are meant for each other. Colt oh Colt (Cash's twin) you not only helped these two along, but the love between the couple and the twins is how it should be. Yes, this may be a standalone for Jemma and Cash, but I am definitely looking forward to reading about Colt. These Alpha Bomar boys will leave you with no regrets and although you will see some heart aching clips, you will see the love between these characters and the hot sex scenes as well as the little mystery between the older brother and Hoyt. There is a mystery here that I can't put my finger on and hoping we find out more as the Bomar boys series continue. You will not regret reading this.

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