Thursday, June 1, 2017

OutwaitOutwait by Lisa Suzanne
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Outwait may be book three in the King series, but each can be read as a standalone. While you do see Carter and Courtney and Axel and Emme make an appearance you do not have to read their books to read about this King. I missed a book in the series (so sad), but since each book is about a different King you can follow along just fine.
Carson we knew was a playboy and groomed to be CEO of King Communications, but what we see on the outside isn't always who that person is and we see this with Carson. He has a side that is softer and caring that makes your heart swoon, but he is still his cocky self that we love to see.
Sylvie has it all including her life planned out and where she is headed or so she thinks. When her families company, Baker Communications is about to be bought by King Communications she starts to see that maybe this is not the life planning she wants. She is completely opposite of Carson's usual daily dose and from the moment she steps foot in that conference room both of them start to question their life decisions.
The King curse may just have landed on Carson, whether he wants to believe this or not. Both Carson an Sylvie are stubborn to a point and their passion for their companies and self make them who they are. I loved how they reveal secrets to the enemy you can say, but they knew that it needed to be released for them both to see they are more alike than they thought. For being a manwhore, Carson sure was able to Outwait Sylvie no matter how strong the temptation pulls them too. Oh, don't you worry once the wait is over the page may explode with how HOT their passion is for each other. You should sit back and eat some cupcakes until this happens. haha.
For those of you who do not enjoy reading cheater books, I can definitely say that there is no cheating when it came to their story. Hence, the title, Outwait. While reading this story, all I kept singing in my head was the song, "Break up with him" by Brothers Osborne. You will see that Sylvie was never meant to stay in her dead end life with William. There was something about him that you knew was not right no matter how sweet he was, but the best is the employee meeting between William and Carson. That was funny!
Once again Lisa has gave us the passion, the twist of what we thought the characters were like from seeing them in other books (so wrong let me say, he was even better than what we saw) and a story that keeps you reading to the end to see if we can get that HEA we are hoping for. You will soon find out after reading one of her books, that you don't need to read a synopsis to enjoy her books, you just read them and fall in love with them.

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