Friday, June 23, 2017

Title: Past Transgressions: A Russian Roulette Love Story
Author: Janae Keyes
Genre: Contemporary Interracial Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2017

Ms. Responsible, that’s what my roommate and best friend Katya calls me. I spend all my time working and I never take time for myself, always taking care of everyone. Until, Katya has me join her for a trip of a lifetime, three weeks in Russia.
That’s where I met him.
A hitman, a hired killer. 
I used to kill for a living, but that part of my life is behind me and she is in front of me. Though the life I left behind is calling me back.
I can’t go back, I have to protect my family and her.
When least expecting, past transgressions return to haunt the unsuspecting. 


Janae was born and raised in the California Bay Area. She grew up a very creative only child and has been writing for as long as she can remember.
Janae accidentally met her now husband online, and a whirlwind romance began because of their mutual love of Harry Potter. After dating long distance, Janae picked up her life in California and moved halfway around the world to Belgium to be with him, all in the life of a hopeless romantic.
When Janae isn’t chasing around her active toddler, she is working on new ideas and working to improve her craft. Janae is currently living in a suburb of Brussels, Belgium with her husband and daughter.


You know the Disclaimers authors book in the books in the beginning, well take note of this one cause it could not be more accurate (100%). You have been warned cause your heart isn’t going to know if it should weep or stop beating while reading this story. You are hooked from the disclaimer to the very end then left wanting the next book that you know is going to tear you to shreds. Janae your stories just keep getting better and better and those twists just keep throwing us of kilter more and more, but we love it so keep writing. 
Rae (AKA Ms. Responsible) and Katya are BF and roomies. They are complete opposites of each other and their language barriers do not stop them or their ethnicity either. They are hilarious together and Katya finally gets Rae to take a much-needed break from supporting her family, school and her numerous jobs she has by taking a trip (or Holiday as other countries call this) to Russia (Katya’s hometown). 
Alexei is Katya cousin (more like a brother) and has a past that you just may not be able to escape even if you moved on and were changing your life. He is all about family and this included his past “family” too. Rae and Alexei share the family aspect though. He may have left his hitman life behind, but when your past resurfaces can you protect your family and Rae in the end? Wouldn’t you like to know!? Haha. Get ready for the ride of your life reading this book cause one minute you are laughing, then you are tearing up, then you are like wtf just happened and how could you do this to us. Never in my life did I expect some of those twists and holy moly it’s like you are on an emotional roller coaster. Don’t think Janae stops at the end cause she puts you back on the ride all over again, you smile then weep and then say wtf again. 
Alexei and Rae’s relationship is intense, real and those passion scenes may leave you breathless (separate from the breath stopping moments you experience reading this). They both see a different side to life and know that whether they make it past the three-week holiday or not what they had was real love. Alexei past prevents him from getting a passport to visit America. Rae is still Ms. Responsible, but now has a fun side to her to let loose as she needs. Not only do you fall in love with Rae and Katya, you swoon when you hear Alexei speak his broken English. This story has it all, Russian mob, love, heartbreak, passion, lies, betrayal and healing you can say. 
Katya and Igor’s story is going to be interesting considering the blow to the story we got thrown at us. This will definitely be a book to read even though we know our hearts may or may not break, but it will be awesome to get their side of their relationship and feelings especially from Igor. I loved that this book was told in a dual POV as you got to see the full story and feel all emotions to bring the story in as a whole and answers any questions you may have had from the other POV. Can’t wait for the next Russian Roulette Love Story! 

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