Monday, June 19, 2017

Review: Bed Of Lies Volume 1

Bed Of Lies Volume 1 Bed Of Lies Volume 1 by Niquel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bed of Lies Volume 1 contains no romance so if this is what you are looking for this book is not for you. This is full detail in graphic story about a sicko named, Linc and human trafficker. He is married to Red, and she is just as nuts you can say. We meet Whitney who was a teenager kidnapped by Linc. Oh, you have been warned in synopsis and you are being warned here as well. There are triggers here and this story does not hold anything back so if this is not for you do not read this, if you could put those triggers aside and read the story as it teaches us about the Stockholm syndrome and we see how easily it is for someone to fall for someone who tortures them and why.
Not only do we get the obvious lies, we get twists and mind f*cks that we did not see coming. You will be seeing Red and pay attention to Whitney’s story before she is captured for a twisted clue is all I will say. That was downright crazy. There is no HEA in this story. Volume 1 was a mind blower and that ending can only mean Volume 2 is going to be just as crazy good. I sometimes wonder what is wrong with me for enjoying these types of reads. While I may not be able to watch this on TV, I have no problem reading these dark reads. Think these stories teach us about taboo topics and the cause and effect to the how and why lines become blurred. For a dark short story reader this is a book to read cause you will not be disappointed and wanting Volume 2.

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