Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Review: First Crush

First Crush First Crush by J.O. Mantel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rock stars and a love triangle you say I am all over this one. In this book, First Crush is it going to be Jake’s First Crush on his BF and roomie or is it going to be First Crush for Sienna when she meets, Lukas Dark after winning a contest? Mmm. That is the inquiring minds question.
We meet Sienna and Jake who have been friends for over 20 years and are roomies too. Jake’s feelings for Sienna are becoming harder to hide and become even harder when Sienna’s fantasy of meeting Lukas becomes a reality. Does he ruin a friendship and tell her his feeling or should he keep quiet? I actually feel for Jake the most in this story. Lukas, for being a Rockstar you are really mellow and easy going. Jake is an up and coming Rockstar and Lukas is one of the hottest acts out right now so not only does Jake have to fight for Sienna to make her see he’s the one, he has to perform with Dark Falkon.
We meet Ivy, Sienna’s friend and Dick (sorry I still don’t understand while people named Richard what to be called this), I couldn’t help but laugh each time he would say, “Just call me Dick!” Why, I would hate that name. LOL I love how the story gives us a side of Ivy’s story as well. The story is told in third person and while that is OK, others may feel that this being told in 3 POV’s would be better. I liked it and can’t wait for book two. Wow!! That ending, wth!! Jaws will drop, you have been warned. So, the question is are you going to be a “Lighting Ridge Fan” or “Dark Falkon Fan”?? That’s a tough one cause I’m a little torn still.

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