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Author: Megan Lowe
Title: No Place to Hide
Series: Rocking Racers, Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: March 11, 2017
Designer: Claire Smith
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What happens when the one person you truly hate is the one person who really sees you?

After McKnley Rhodes’s family fell apart, she struck out at Cole Matthews, her then best friend. Over twenty years later, she’s never forgotten the hurt she endured or the hate for the boy she believed caused it.

Cole Matthews hasn’t seen his childhood friend, McKnley Rhodes, for twenty-two years, and what he finds shocks him. She’s tired and beaten down, and he wants to fix that, just as he used to when they were kids. Cole’s the only one who can see she’s putting on an act by embracing her rock star persona. His new goal is to determine why and put an end to her torment.

Will McKnley let him in or will he leave her with no place to hide?

The beginning sets the story for us and we see a glimpse to how they were as children. Breaks your heart! Then over twenty years pass and the person who was your BF and hate, stumbles upon you unexpectedly. Do you continue to hate or do you hear them out and find out the true story? 
Being in the limelight isn't easy and you truly do not have any place to hide. McKnley Rhodes knows this story all too well. She is known as the bad girl of rock, but is she really bad is what you have to ask yourself while reading this?
Cole Matthews sees McKnley again after all those years of being separated and can see that McKnley isn't doing well and can see that she is hiding things. He is going to stop at nothing to break her free of her torment, even if it means just being friends. Yes, he wants more than friends with her, but he will take what he can get.
McKnley after giving it good to Cole, listens to him and takes a few days with him to release some much needed tension. With this comes Tinseltown trying to get the scoop on what they call Coley. The momager of the band and the Rhodes' girls mother is a wanna be Kardashian and is no better than Cole's dad either. If you thought the past was bad, the present is even worse. Just saying that being famous is not better over choosing what is best for your kids. To make up stories is beyond wrong, but to say things that lead others to believe Domestic Violence is involved is messed up. Note that while it is mentioned in the story, it does not occur for those of you who do not enjoy reads like this. The author did an awesome job of touching on this subject to bring awareness only to those who may need this. 
This story is truly touching and we see how hard it is to be famous and have a relationship. Cole and McKnley are meant to be together, but first McKnley has to come out of hiding. Can Cole break her free or will McKnley stay under the way her life has been? Your heart will break quite a few times reading this and just when you think you get a good ending we see a little more of a heartbreak, but in the end it was what they wanted. Not saying what it is. 
The added bonus in this story is we continue to see the Ryan family and the Racing world. I cannot wait to read about the next Ryan. I am kinda hoping that one of the Rhodes get thrown in here too though. This book can be read as a standalone, but is part of a series that will contain different characters each time. You will fall in love with each one of them though. 
As a side note, no her name is not spelled wrong and she will point it out if you say her name with an "i". She is too funny when she does this. 

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Megan Lowe is a lost journalism graduate who after many painful years searching for a job in that field, decided if she couldn’t write news stories, she would start listening to the characters whispering stories to her and decided to write them down.  She writes primarily New Adult/Contemporary Romance stories with Sport and Music themes. She is based on the Gold Coast but her heart belongs to New York City. When she’s not writing she’s either curled up with a good book, travelling or screaming at the TV willing her sporting teams to pull out the win.

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