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Review: Skeletons of Us

Skeletons of Us Skeletons of Us by Anne Malcom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story is the conclusion to the Unquiet Minds duet. It is highly recommended that you read, Echoes of Silence first as you get the story of Killian and Lexie and a shocking ending that leaves you waiting for book two. I will say though that since this book does pick up four years later, you could easily follow the story, but reading the first book will make it that much more better. You may even see these characters appear in another series by this author (The Sons of Templar MC) and if you haven’t read either before reading one or the other I will say that these characters will intrigue you to want to read the other secondary characters even if you choose to just read those characters as each book can be read as a standalone, if you choose to do this. There isn’t a set of characters that you won’t want to know more about though is my opinion.
Four years ago, Killian made one of the hardest decisions ever especially when it comes to your soul. He said goodbye to Lexie, as he knew she was destined for so much more than what he could give her. Unquiet Minds (the band) was going to be huge and he knew staying with her would keep her in Amber. Both Killian and Lexie were a shell and just living through the motions. The only way to quiet their minds was by music or fighting. This was the way they released their pain.
A tragic event brings Killian to L.A. to protect Lexie. To say, Lexie is shocked speechless is not even the current word to us. What would you do if your other half of your soul appeared four years later out of the blue? Wow, there is so much to be revealed not only in their relationship, but the band, who is this crazy person after Lexie and many sitting on the end of your seat waiting for the epic reveal of where these twisted tunes were going. I didn’t know if it was going to be hit or a flop a few times. Though you did have my heart in my throat, I held out hope that the silence would win.
We not only get the story of Killian/Lexie we get to see Zane/Mia, the boys (Noah, Wyatt and Sam) and a few appearances from the MC and the security team (that alone brought a tear to my eye). Lips are sealed on why though! If you read book one in the Sons of Templar Series, Making the Cut it shines a light bulb. Have no fear, if you didn’t read it cause you will love the security team and what they do to protect those they care for.
We see that no matter how many years separated these two the love these two share cannot be denied and the love is still there. Those boys of hers are protective, but Killian does not back down. The boys will still have you laughing at not only their comments, but how they have no fear when it comes to protecting their gal, Lexie. While I hope that we will see a story on each boy (Noah, Wyatt and Sam) I want to know more on Noah and then Wyatt. There is something there that ironically for once Emma kept quite on. LOL Though Sam’s story will be the ultimate challenge with his antics. LOL
Killian may be a bad boy MC, but his sweet hard edges makes him so loveable. Take a key and a padlock, lock my heart away as this story will leave your heart hurting and swooning continuously throughout the book. The ending was EPIC and may bring a tear or two to your eyes. That is a memory you will not forget. I’m sad to see this duet end, but holding out hope that we get to see them in other tie-ins by this author.
I highly recommend this duet to anyone who loves suspense, MC reads, Alpha men and second chance at perfection at best. Is the best way I think to describe many second chances in this story.

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