Thursday, March 9, 2017

Unforgiven, an all-new emotional M/M love story from Ruth Clampett now LIVE!!

Unforgiven by Ruth Clampett Publication Date: March 9th, 2017 Genre: Contemporary Romance

Would you live a lie to hold onto the one you love?
Dean and Jason are best friends, like brothers since boyhood, now architecture students and college roommates. They’ve always had each other’s back, but when one walks in on the other with another man, everything changes. How do you explain to your best friend that he’s the one you’ve always wanted, that until now your life has been a lie?
Desperation and shame are two dirty words that run through Jason’s veins. He carries the scars from a wayward priest who stole his innocence and left him shattered. Meanwhile for years he’s watched Dean pursuing woman after woman, as his own heart slowly breaks.
When their world blows apart, they learn the powerful bond between them has more fire than either understood. Can two broken souls find the light in their darkness and come together to make a whole, or will sins of the past be forever unforgiven?
***This standalone is a M/M love story with graphic sex. Trigger warning.

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Ruth Clampett, daughter of legendary animation director Bob Clampett, grew up surrounded by artists and animators. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, she has been VP of Design for Warner Brothers Studio Stores and taught photography at UCLA. Today she runs her own studio and as the Fine Art publisher for Warner Brothers Studios has come to know and work with some of the world’s greatest artists in the fields of animation and comics Ruth lives and works in Los Angeles, strictly supervised by her teenage daughter, who helps plan their summer around their yearly pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic Con.

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Twitter: @RuthyWrites
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This is the first book I have read by this author and it was an amazing read. This book will stick with you long after you have read this book. I love that this was told from a dual POV cause we got to see what both characters were going through and not just one-sided. 
Jason (JJ) and Dean are BF since they were young boys and they share everything. Well OK, one secret is kept hush until Dean walks in on JJ with Ramon. Ramon take your Latin moves and dance away with Julie please. How does Dean handle this? How does Dean handle that Jason has always wanted more than just being a BF with you? Oh let's just say while reading this you don't know if you're going to be panting, swearing or waiting for the kindle to burn on fire. This book will really mess with your emotions, but in the end it is oh so worth it. Dean's family is awesome and I don't even think that is the right word to describe it. It really is a bonus for Dean and JJ. 
JJ's struggle will really touch home for some and I feel like people who are unsure of if they are or are not can really relate to this book from both JJ and Dean as well including how you overcome trauma from the past too. These two explore new territory and at times you are left wondering can this story really be Unforgiven? Well you will have to read the book to find this out. 
Your heart will be tugged, it will be on fire cause whew that passion is HOT and those bumps that led them to where they are today will leave you happy. That bucket-list will teach you that love is love is love and that true love can be found in the most unexpected moment. 
If you enjoy M/M reads, I highly recommend going on the journey with Jason and Dean. I could say so much more, but that would be leaving spoilers and you aren't getting them from me so if you want to see real world meet book world this is certainly one that is spot on. 
I was excited to see after I read this book, that this author is going to be at a signing I will be attending. Now if only we can get this book for the signing that would be awesome. 

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