Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle Breaking the Cycle by Megan Lowe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I must say for a debut author, you would not have guessed that this is the first book written by this author. This debut book is awesome and if you love reading series (standalone with crossover characters) than I highly recommend this book. Though even if you just want to read one of these books in the series, I would say choose this one cause you meet all the Ryan's and it is truly hard not to fall in love with this whole family.
Reed Ryan never expected to fall in love ever. Especially with the curse of the Ryan family. Then add in the rival racing team who will stop at nothing to destroy Ryan Racing Crew and you are left wondering, "Is this poor family ever going to catch a break?"
Bria knows of the Ryan's per say, but she doesn't know they are in the racing world. She just knows that they have a to die for diner to eat at. She's seen Reed around and knows he is a hottie, but she is so out of his league when it comes to girls that she knows she doesn't stand a chance ever with any of the Ryan boys OR does she?
The rivals have struck again and this time Bria is there. Be still your heart from this moment on cause the many turn of events will leave you in awe, gasping and swooning all at the same time. The insta-love connection with the little boy is I think better than the insta-love connection between Reed and Bria. It's hilarious that she is "sis" and the "boss" from the get go when it comes to the Ryan family.
Things may be moving fast in all aspects of the story (relationship, Racing and rival problems), but when you know you know is what I believe. There may be a curse or bad omen on the Ryan men when it comes to the women they love, but if Reed can put aside his fears Bria just may be the one to Break the Cycle. This is what you need to ask yourself, can Bria handle this and change the Ryan streak or will she fall under this not so lucky pattern? My lips are sealed.
I cannot pick just one Ryan cause you will fall in love with the whole family. I definitely cannot wait to read on in this series to see how the Ryan's are doing and what is going on in the Racing Crew. I think the dual POV makes this series so much better as you become both of them and see the feelings from both sides not just one. I cannot wait to read book two.

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