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Review: Across the Way

Across the Way Across the Way by Amy K. McClung
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off, BRAVO!! to Marie for taking a road trip that many of us have on their bucket list, but won't do for many reasons. Mine would mainly be the traveling alone. Don't think I could do this alone. OK, well we all know that being alone changes if you read the story, but still for most of the trip she was alone. Brave, strong, has a big heart and fearless is how I would describe Marie. Her co-travelers Connie and Manny were a nice added bonus.
Besides missing her family she is going to miss her partner in crime, Jayce. This is her BF and she can't imagine her life without him. They make a pact to see each other every few months in one of her cities on her bucket list. She meets some amazing people, well OK some scary people too on her road trip. One of the people she meets, is Constance AKA Connie, Jayce's cousin from Canada. You will instantly fall in love with her, though she breaks my heart. Cries in corner! Why you say? Ha, as if I am going to let the cat out of the bag. Lips are sealed, but you just might want some tissue on hand.
All is going according to plan, Jayce is meeting up with her as planned and she is loving her tour of the states. She meets someone while on the road and let's say that as her heart is stuck ours will tug right along with her. I was so torn, I didn't know who I wanted to choose. I was almost holding out hope for a Brace sandwich. You like the name of my sandwich? Hey if Hollywood can do it so can we. LOL
There are two amazing people and the decision is going to be one of the hardest Marie will ever have to make. Parker is someone she meets in a diner and gives her some good advice. Though I feel that Connie and Manny gave her some as well. Seeing as they could have been one-sided and were not is what makes their friendship so much more real than fictional.
While my heart broke for the unchosen one, I felt that it was for the best. Marie was not ready for something and I don't think she truly would have been 100% happy. OK, this part of the review is hard cause I want to say more and cannot. It will give the result away and I am not saying who or what happens. I will say that from the first chapter you are hooked and then as you see this section again down the road you are like who is it? Cause we never knew their last names so it kept us in suspense. Oh my tummy was twisting here, then it was relieved and then it was twisted again when some unexpected visitors came to visit. Be still your heart is what I will say! In the end it was the right decision, but it doesn't make it easier for Marie and TEAM XXXXX either. Ha you won't figure it out either cause the X's equal the same for both characters.
One of the things I did feel was missing though was background on what happened to those she met on the road that she was to keep in touch with. We never heard anything else on Sami/Kat, the Old Man or the Married guy in the hotel that met. Did they keep in touch? Other than that it was an adventure that we got to live through each state. This is great for us folks that will never see those states, so we got a little history from Marie and friends to fulfill our state checklist.
I am hoping that while we seen the outcome of who it was, that the other person gets their story told with snippets of Marie in there as well. I would love a novella on Manny too, but I don't know if my heart could handle that! Oh who am I kidding! Yes, it will after it heals. I highly recommend this story for those of you who love taking adventures and finding the one.

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