Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Review: Ends Here

Ends Here Ends Here by M. Robinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ends here is finally here! Many of us were on pins and needles awaiting the conclusion of this duet. With this said, you must read Road to Nowhere first before reading this book. There was a cliffy at the end; however, this book picks up right where it left off. Just when you think that the Queen of Angst cannot get any better, she defies this and succeeds tenfold.
As with any of her books, you will laugh, cry, scream, and want to almost faint at times while reading this (whether good or bad is yet to be decided, it was that good). Have those tissues, your drink of choice and by this, I mean a hard one and your comfort food cause you will need it more than you ever have while reading one of Mo’s books. I love seeing our old friends/family as well. It makes you miss then, but satisfied that we got to see glimpses of them still. We also get to determine who will be getting a story down the road. One of the funniest moments is seeing “Bossman” make a small cameo. That was awesome! It’s a plus to bring a smile to your face after being sad for a good chunk of the book.
From page one to the very end you are yearning to see what transpires in this love triangle and which brother is going to win her heart fully. We all know that they both have her heart, but in different ways. Will Team Creed or Team Noah be left weeping at the end is the question? I will be honest even if you are TEAM this or that it tugs at your heart cause both Jameson boys (OK Men) are both worthy of Mia. You have Noah who turns out to be such a sweetheart and then you have Creed who is our ultimate Alpha male that is loving and dominant with a topping of sweetness we see hidden and it makes your heartbeat even faster than it already is while reading this book. There is so many twists in this road that you truly cannot guess how it is going to end. I will say that you will fall in love with a Harley not once, not twice but at least three times. That is my personal opinion and all I can say without giving away any spoilers.
In the end, TEAM XXX won! Ha, you thought I would spoil this. Nope, sorry. Regardless of the team you were on, I think you will truly be satisfied with the ending. Maybe I am just biased cause my TEAM was chosen, but I honestly feel like even if my TEAM was not chosen I would have been satisfied even is a little heartbroken. OOH, that ending and where the next saga is heading is going to be AWESOME!! The Queen couldn’t leave us not twisted, but we love her anyways and will always one-click these books without reading the synopsis. Whether, this is your first read by Mo or you have read them all, you will be broken and whole all in then end. This is a must read and worthy of more than five stars.

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