Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review: Forgive Me

Forgive Me Forgive Me by Kaithlin Shepherd
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book two in the Callaway Brothers series and you do not have to read any of the other books in this series to read this story, but you will be asking yourself which Callaway Brother you like best? I still don't know the answer cause they are all great family men and all so appealing.
Drew and Amanda were high school sweethearts and while their love was real Amanda was made for so much more than staying in her town. Amanda left right after graduation without a goodbye to Drew. I get Amanda's side of how hard it would have been to leave, because she would have stayed, but a note or something telling him why maybe would have helped a little (very little, but it was something). Drew suffered for five long years and no matter how he tried to get over Amanda nothing works. Amanda had to return to town and she may have been able to avoid Drew for quite a few months, but it was inevitable that they would see each other.
The feelings for both of them were still there, but Drew was going to have to work on Amanda to get her to see that they are meant for each other and should Amanda run he will chase her this time. Whether right or wrong on how they spent five years apart, I actually feel Amanda needed this break or she may have felt suffocated not exploring her passion while staying in town. These two were definitely meant for a second chance at love to end with their first love. Two things that I loved, what we find out about Amanda that was touching he was the first in a complete whole sense and then with the unexpected twist thrown at them and us-whew that was intense cause it was heartbreaking and heartwarming all in one feeling. Amanda was truly amazing when it came to this.
You know what is even better though we get to see how the farm is doing, how the other Callaway brothers are doing, we see the Thompson's as well and we still get to see whose story is next Nick or Becca. The suspense with these two siblings left is killing me cause I know there stories are going to be bomb shakers. Those Thompson's are the next best thing to the Callaway's and hopefully down the road we get a spin-off on these siblings.

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