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Review: Firestorm

Firestorm Firestorm by Anne Malcom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For those of you who read book one in the Sons of Templar Series, you know that we couldn’t wait to get our hands-on Amy’s story. For those of you who have not read book one, that is OK too. Each book is a standalone about a different set of characters, but those glimpses of past or future characters are the icing of the cake since we get to see those characters that we either love or want to know more about. I loved that right off the bat we got a glimpse of Gwen that leads us into Amy’s story. In this book, we learn more about Ian (wipes tears from eyes) and Amy’s story. My heart melts though when Keltan makes an appearance and speaks of the security firm. This just gives us hope that there will be a spin-off on the security crew that we see cameo appearances on in this series and Unquiet Minds series. I call Gwen/Amy the A-Team and I think you will agree after seeing these two in action.
Amy is from the Upper East Side of NY, a designer gal, funny, strong and full of spitfire. She doesn’t do love based upon her family background. She let her heart slip you can say and fell for Ian, Gwen’s brother (Amy’s BF). He broke her heart, whether right or wrong and while putting on a brave face she meets Brock. He comes charging into her life like a fire burning down a house. He is just as stubborn as Amy if not more and is determined to claim Amy as is. He can be possessive at times (so not in a cruel way) and no matter how many times Amy kicks him around he comes back for more. He cannot stay away from his “Sparky”. Though she cannot get enough of her “Rocket Power” either. She may not do love, but this pull towards Brock is something different than she felt for Ian. When Ian resurfaces, Amy needs to decide if she is going to do the safe love or the intoxicating love that banters and makes you feel at home in a weird, but HOT loving way. As you will see, this is not really a love triangle per say. There is a twist that only if you read Gwen/Cade story will know of it ahead of time. Don’t worry it will be explained in here so you don’t have to read book one if you choose not to, but I can bet you will want to even if read out of order.
Amy and Brock may be from completely different worlds and have a love/hate relationship, but they are truly met for each other. Amy is put in danger and Brock will stop at nothing to protect her. Your heart will melt with this Alpha bad boy and what he does to protect/save her. While reading this your heart will break for Ian, Amy and Brock, you will laugh at Ms. Spitfire comments, you will be hot from their explosive passion and you will be on the edge of your seat with anticipation of what is going to transpire with the turn of events. The bonus of seeing other characters is even better when we see Ry/Alex again. I need to find two BF’s like them. You not only fall in love with Amy/Brock, but you will be trying to determine who is going to get a story and when. Maybe Rosie/Luke or Lily will get a story. I am anxious to get the story on Bull and Lucky’s story. Though Hansen and Macy from the other chapter sounds like it will be a good one. What I am saying, any book by Anne is a story that you will fall in love with. I highly recommend this series if you enjoy MC reads with the most unexpected girls that have these men doing things they would never think of doing before meeting the girl who will be claimed as their “OLD LADY”. Sparky and Rocket Power=Firestorm and it’s explosive and HOT!!

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