Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: How Not to Let Go

How Not to Let Go How Not to Let Go by Emily Foster
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reading the synopsis it sounds like an awesome book. Don't get me wrong overall it was an okay book, the metaphors had my head spinning after awhile though. I was able to follow the book without any issues and at the end I found out this was book two of one. It can easily be read as a standalone though, but I would suggest going back to read book one. It might give us more insight on to how they got to this point in the relationship. This book starts off with Annie leaving Charles in Indiana and how to move on after this.
Annie and Charles tend to only show emotion while intimate or while he is speaking of or with his family. Charles struggles with his dysfunctional family and this affects his relationship with Annie. Annie you have the patience of a saint with how you handled this relationship over the years. I honestly would have walked away a long time ago.
In the end, it got the ending it needed though. At times it was hard for me to read this book, but overall I have to say it is different than what I typically read in the romance genre. I don't believe in a DNF book, you might just end up liking or you will always wonder what became of that book. My only suggestion would be to maybe include a section of what the metaphor means or a word. There were a few words, I had to look up to understand what it meant. You had to have a science background to know what it meant. This would make the book so much better. This book just goes to show you that you need to fight for what you want in a relationship.

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