Monday, January 23, 2017

Chasing Fireflies by Paige P. Horne


People say young love never lasts. They say you should wait and grow up first, you should figure out who you are. But those people didn’t know us. They didn’t know that she didn’t like shoes and Christmas was her favorite time of the year. They didn’t know that she liked to feel the cold dirt run through her fingers and floppy hats were a must when planting flowers. Curly hair was meant to be wild and Fireflies were meant to be chased. Paint wasn’t just for walls and ceilings but for noses and skin.

Our love was the rarest kind of love and I held onto it with everything I had. But you see, Sara Williams wasn’t in control of her choices. Her mind betrayed her and was her hearts worst enemy. Sometimes we are only meant to have a certain amount of time with the person we love. Sometimes a lifetime isn’t enough. But you take what you’re given and you make the best of every moment. This is a story about love, life and never giving up. This is a story about a woman who tried to be better for a man and a man who loved a woman more than his next breath. This is a story about us… Sara and Cash Williams.

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Emotional, tragic and happiness all rolled into one is the best way I could describe the feelings from this book. Bravo to this author for taking on such a taboo topic in full detail! We were able to see  not only what someone with a mental illness battles, but the battles that your support system battles as well. Days later and this book still hurts my heart!
Sara and Cash were high school sweethearts. Life was normal until one day it wasn't. People including family were against their relationship due to Sara's illness. Moving to a small town to start over was brave of them. They had nothing and made the best of life with the one person they loved (each other). I got to say the secondary characters were a great bonus to this story. We not only got to see the support and friendships made, we also got a story about them. While some was just as sad, we got many laughs out of them too.
Sara had good days and bad days. Even on those bad days all she wanted was to feel normal. The meds made her sleepy and she hated taking them. While I cannot fully understand the feels someone with goes through on the meds, I can only imagine how horrible it makes you feel. I hope in the real life one day a new pill is found to help those with this illness feel better and not worse while trying to be better. 
Cash be still my heart for you from beginning of book to end of this book. Even days later I must say. It wasn't always easy dealing with Sara and you took it with a grain of salt even during those hard days she had. You never let her illness take away from living life to the fullest for both of you in that town. Loved how normal you treated her. Unlike her mother! I wanted to smack her good. She actually made it worse for Sara and triggered bad times on her good days. 
We got to see many happy times between Sara/Cash, but we got many sad times as well. You will need tissues reading this book so be prepared before you start reading this book. To others a Crazy Heart means a crazy dysfunctional love, but in this story Crazy Heart meant he loved the crazy they had from beginning to end. They had a normal relationship outside of the illness. He accepted her no matter how stressful and hard it could be in their relationship. 
Little Miss and your curls! Chasing those Fireflies will be an experience you will never forget as a memory I bet. I cannot wait to read Ellie's story. It means more Cash of course! 
This story was told with heart while helping others learn or to help assist in knowing others feel just like you and you are not alone. This really needs to be made into a movie! Emotional, Funny, Suspenseful with a twist and a Taboo topic that others can see what is truly happening and how it affects not only those dealing with the illness.  

Crazy Heart!

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