Monday, January 16, 2017

Review: Flawed

Flawed Flawed by Tracy Wolff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book I have read by this author and I now need to go back and read the other books in the Ethan Frost series cause inquiring minds really want to know the background story of Chloe/Ethan. Yes, we know they are together and have a huge story and tragic past; however, the mystery and outcome of how they got to the present is needed for me. You can certainly read this book without reading any other book in this series as this book is about Tori/Miles. Miles is Chloe's brother and Tori is the BF.
Tori's blind dates will have you laughing and gasping at these weird men she is being set up with. Tori had it all until one day a blast from the past ruins it all overnight. OMG this was crazy! The crazy though is her father. Wow! I mean I know you are trying to show tough love, but shoes!!! You will know what I am speaking of after reading this scene. Tori has only one place to go and that is Chloe's house. Until she walks in and sees the one person she cannot get along with.
Insert Miles. Miles and Tori are like vinegar and water. There is something brewing though when they are on the rooftop dancing before her life changes drastically and I don't think either of them expected it. Miles is a nerdy genius, but oh so hot! He may not get along with Tori, but that doesn't mean he hasn't fantasized about her. He is so much different than what Tori portrays. He is kind, gentle and protective. It may take Tori awhile to see this, but he accepts her flaws and all.
I may not understand fully what Tori was going through, but there are a few times I wanted to take my kindle and crack her to wake her up. Miles was anything, but a gentleman and because of her past she couldn't see the goodness in Miles. Finally though Tori has a breakthrough.
Tori gets to show the world and her parents that while she may have had a past, she has changed and she is just an innocent victim in all this. Miles you are a genius as my heart was in my throat when the bots pulled up a shock I did not expect in this story. Let's just say that your past cannot always stay hidden and while tragic, he deserved all he got as this was gut wrenching what happened.
You have it all hot man, stubborn women, tragic story=HEA and suspense all rolled into one in this story. As they say, "you shouldn't judge a book by its cover" and in this story it holds true. Everyone has "Flaws", but its the inside that matters. I highly recommend this story.

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