Monday, February 27, 2017

Mr. Popular by Nicole London

Title: Mr. Popular
Author: Nicole London
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: February 27, 2017


Rule #1: Do not vote for Mr. Popular.
Rule #2: Do not talk to Mr. Popular.
Rule #3: (Most importantly, and above all) Do not fall for Mr. Popular...

Liam 'Mr. Popular' Carter will always be the closest thing to the "walking plague" in my eyes. His cockiness seeps through his every move, and no matter how many state championships he wins with the basketball team, he will forever be a "loss" to me.

Because he's my older brother's best friend, I'm forced to tolerate him, and he's forced to tolerate me. In fact, unless my brother is around, we happily ignore each other every chance we get.

It wasn't always this way, though...

Several summers ago, we both attended the same summer camp. A place we returned to year after year. We became friends--close friends, but right when I thought he could possibly turn into my everything, he made it clear that what we had was nothing.

Now that's he's a senior, and I only have to deal with him for one more year, I've vowed to keep repeating the same set of rules to myself. Especially since he seems so hell-bent on wanting to talk to me for some reason, and especially since he seems to be staring at me every time we're in the same room together...

Rule #4: Always follow rules #1-3...
Rule #5: (OMG what the hell are you doing?) Do not KISS Mr. Popular...

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Author Bio

Nicole London is a hopeless dreamer, author of Resentment and the co-founder of The Indie Tea, an inspirational blog for indie romance authors. When she's not at Starbucks chatting books with her best friend, she can be found plotting her next travel adventure with her husband.

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Mariah had the perfect set of rules to avoid her brothers best friend...Or at least she thought she did. She couldn't stay away. She is a smart cookie who attended summer camp to keep being close to him. Unfortunately he broke her heart. She is just a girl in love. 
Liam is in love with his best friends little sister. He is one sexy basketball player. Who just wants to do right by her. He is also a smartie pants and is trying to go to school to be a doctor. 

I thought that this book was good. It kept my attention and was full of life. The bouncing back and forth between summer camp and present was sometimes confusing since they didn't offer us a transition between the end of the camp and beginning of the present. These two were meant to be together though. 4 stars. 

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