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Review: Red Hots: A Valentine Anthology

Red Hots: A Valentine Anthology Red Hots: A Valentine Anthology by Ariel Bishop
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Unexpected by Annika Steele
Maya jsut got dumped on her way home for Valentine's day. Her day goes from bad to worse when she gets caught in a rainstorm and then gets a flat tire. Mike is a single dad who is ready to move on. I enjoyed reading this book about second chances. 4 stars

The Sea chest by Margot Wren
Caroline is a young lady who is a lighthouse keeper. She has never been with a man. She has no neighbors so when a chest appears on shore what will she do? James is a commander in the military. He is also dead. I did not find this short very exciting or intriguing for my tastes. 3 stars.

Power outage by Caitlyn Lynch
Raquel and Scott are trying to spice up their relationship. They decided to roleplay and man was this a hot sexy short. I wish it was longer 5 stars.

Real by Ariel Bishop
Jess and Chris had decided to add another person to their relationship. Ryan ended up being a perfect fit for them. This was hot sexy threesome fun. This was another I really wish it was a longer story. 5 stars.

The best worse Valentine's day ever Christina rose Andrews
Lexi was having a bad Valentine's day. Her boyfriend just broke up with her and her roommate won't let her in the apartment. In steps Nate who rescuses her and gives her some much needed attention. 5 stars.

Moonlight and Roses by Vanessa Sweet
Melody was one the patio day dreaming of a rose garden next thing she knows that is exactly where she is with an immortal man Demetrius. With a hit sexy night will things change between mortal and immortal? 4 stars.

Just Desserts by Gwen Marshall
Kerry, Sully and Connor are a threesome. After the boys get Kerry and themselves kicked out they have a little fun on the way home. Sexy fun that I wish was longer because I want to know more about these three. 5 stars

Gift with purchase by Tally Bane
Gail owns a store that sells rocks, gems, and such. Kai was from Hawaii originally. So he is sexy as all get out. Gail gets a special gift will this gift finally get these two together? With a solid story line with a beginning, middle and ending it was the best from start to finish. 5 stars.

Roses and tails Barbara be
Jillnell is trying to figure out what a human is doing inviting her to a candle light dinner. She is from out of this world and has the tail to prove it. Lucas wanted to show her a good time. This wasn't my cup of tea. 3 stars.
Sweet on You
By Ava Bari
Molly was in love with her friend but he didn't know/ She needed to get away but what she didn't expect is for a man to be in her hotel room. These two are in for a sexy night of fun. It was a good story with hot times. I wish I knew what happened to the two of them. 5 stars.

Under me, over me, Inside me
Briar McKenna
Maeve and Elliot are married I think they are vampires or some other down world creatures. Danny is someone who has always had fantasies of being with them. It was an ok story not really something I was into. 4 stars

His Promise
Ria Stone

Melaine just found out she is pregnant by her best friend Chris. They have known each other a while. .Christ might be in love with another person will be please to have a baby? 4 Stars.

A match made in Olympus.
By Liking Ward
Kaitlin walked in on her boyfriend having sex with another women. Betrayed and lost she was just trying to find out what to do next...then her car dies. Thankfully she has someone come to her rescue...and maybe even help her out with a certain situation.
Eros' was a walking sex god!! Driving a motorcycle and saving the day. Little did Kaitlin know that she may have found cupid in a human form.
This was a good story. I liked it very much. It was one I wished was longer. 5 stars.

burning love

Maggie was a waitress who was tired after a long day. She went home to the TV and saw that her two firefighter roommates were possibly injured. What she didn't expect was them to want her more than a roommate. David and Ben have fantasized about her more than once. On this Valentine's day will they become more?
Oo threesomes are hot and sexy. Loved this because the story friends to lovers. Good quick read. 5 stars.

A perfect storm
Sera Taino
Julia was a women who just wanted to spend Valentine's with her fiancée lime every year before. However Adam's brother was going to grt engaged. Will she let his family get in the way of their alone time?
Adam had to thibk about some things. He let Julia walk out on him in the middle of a snow storm. He will go to any lengths to find her.
The story was ok. It wasn't one of my favorites. 4 stars

By Abbigail Clark

Eulalie was a nurse taking care of people who got injured in the war between the north and the south.
Jay was a man who got shot in the war. Their romance started slow but became epic.
Not much of a fan of historical books but it wasn't bad. 4 stars.

First day gone right
By liadian Douglas
Sarah literally just got dump walking up to the table her now ex boyfriend was sitting at.
Rob and Bryan saved her the humiliation and asked her to join them for dinner. They also invited her to Bryans place for more. What started out as just a dinner turned out to be a lot more.
This one was amazing! Loved it from start to finish sub 5 stars.

Over a barrel
V.t charbonneau
Madison was the chef at her cousins wedding maybe.
Kiran was the winery owner for this wedding. The sparks fly when then meet and things get worse when Maddy's cousin sets them up.
4 stars. It was fun and entertaining.

Over All I think it was a good read! 4 stars over all. Some good stories, some I didn't care for and some I wished more from. Great job Ladies!!

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