Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review: Clickbait

Clickbait Clickbait by Lisa Suzanne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Calling all Bloggers and Followers! Clickbait is here and ready to help give you the scoop in SD on relationships and let's not forget the cooking for those who can't cook either. haha Get ready for some laughs, dirty deeds, oh the places we will go and some DB's that we see to steer clear of in SD.
Courtney is real, funny, sassy and does not hold back much when it comes to her personal life. Well OK maybe from her parents for the time being. We all need to stay a Daddy's girl somehow right? Being in the lime light isn't always easy. Let alone trying to be in a relationship and knowing that you may end up in the story the next day. Yikes, men run for your life! Well except you Carter King. CK you have met your match with CS that is for sure. Secrets, Fast Five, Animals, Passion and Comedy would be my chosen list to write about in my daily column. Thankfully my blogging stems from books so I don't harm any feelings like Court can. Well OK, I would never write anything hurtful in my reviews, but I see this hurt occur with our authors and it is a shame. Don't be a Clickbait, for the wrong reasons! Click for the positive and if needed constructive feedback, but in a nice way. Take a lesson from Court and apologize if need be.
Carter you may have appeared as a DB at first, but I understand why you hid your story at first. You redeemed yourself though not only to Court, but as a co-writer as well for the followers. Your fear of heights didn't stop you from showing Court just how real and serious you where though. Swoon your heart when you read this section! You cannot help, but fall in love with CK. Come on he loves animals, contributes to amazing charities, loves and accepts Court for who and what she does for a living and knows all the best places for public viewing I'll say. Give me a burrito and pizza and I'd eat it even if I didn't like it too, just cause it came from a hottie that found the one like Dad said would happen.
Emme and Axel we may know bits and pieces of your story and part of it is heartbreaking to say the least with what happened in the past, but I cannot wait to read how the Port landed the bartender and event coordinator. Let's not forget that we will get to see more of the three C's (Courtney, Carter and Click-baiting). Oh brother, I am becoming like the Kings! Lisa another awesome read and can't wait for the next one!

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