Monday, February 13, 2017

Review: Partners

Partners Partners by Lilliana Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well with a cliffhanger like this, I am so thankful that I waited to read this book until the release of book two. Should you happen to read just note that you will be one-clicking for book two to see what transpires. Never did I expect that twist to occur, well Played. haha get it (book two's title).
Partners, is a blank term really. You could be lovers, friends, business partners, enemies per say, or the contracted partners. Well you get all these partners in crime in this story of how Aiden and Chloe became Partners until one of them gets Played. As you are reading you meet, Leah and you often ask yourself, "How is he (yes he) connected to this?" OH brother, never did I think this is how they were connected in this deceitful, lie driven, suspenseful story.
Chloe may have followed the rules and worked hard to where she was in her family company, but this just goes to show you that you cannot always trust your families judgement. You may get burned by it, but you love them no matter what and will stop at nothing to clear their name.
Aiden your a rule breaker and you have met your tortuous rule breaker, Chloe. From the beginning, you and Chloe sparked up that office. You followed the rules per say and broke some rules, but not as much except when it comes to Chloe and then her proposition. Based upon that ending, I still question how Jared gets sucked into this mess and why he was left blank? I guess that is the easiest way to put it without revealing the cliffy that we got. Jared is a partner to Aiden's business plus some other turns we see in this story. I know we will get our answer, but holy smokes I now question how real this passion is for Chloe and she is truly playing the Goldsmith's or not.
This book is told from a back and forth perspective as to how Chloe and Aiden met three years ago and until the present time. You will be shocked trust me! Before the book ended I would say, "I need my sugar". Now, I am going to say, "Sugar is no longer sweet". Aiden I am rooting for you and I hope you use your background to resolve the mystery to our Chloe.

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