Monday, February 20, 2017

Review: Heartbreak's a Bitch!

Heartbreak's a Bitch! Heartbreak's a Bitch! by S.M. Phillips
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Anyone who has had a recent heartbreak and needs a good laugh this books for you then. Emily is nearing 30 and continues to meet dead-ends when it comes to finding a man. Well except Vinnie, he can please you at your beck and call, but it is totally not the same thing as the real deal. Right?
The banter between Emily and her BF, Rachel are hilarious and gives those with a broken heart a good laugh to brighten up your day. Add her co-worker Matt into the deal and you not only see more banter, but a blurred line develop between these two.
As if Emily isn't dealing with a broken heart from her ex and her multiple failed dates, she has to deal with her boss. I'll call her Cruella cause she is that evil. The one person that makes her smile and does some unexpected gestures is Noah. She had a few dates with him.
In the end we are left a little torn you could say and we will not find out more until a new book is released. My heart was a little crushed (whimpers in corner)! You will need to decide if you are Team Noah or Team Matt cause someones' heart is going to break and it just might be mine. haha.
If you are looking for a quick, witty, hilarious banter and some sexy moments this book is highly recommended for you.

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