Saturday, April 29, 2017

Review: Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the Horizon Beyond the Horizon by Anne Malcom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just when you think you seen it all in the Sons of Templar MC series, we are given more heartache and twists I would never have expected. For those of us who have read the full series and were introduced to Lily/Asher in prior books we knew something was going on, but never did I imagine this story. For those of you who have not read any other books besides this one, that is OK and you can easily follow along as each character has it's own story, but it is nice to see the past crew and new crew that will be forthcoming. They have all been five star reads with these HOT Alpha men in Amber, but there is something about Asher's sweet side that has me loving him more at the moment. Don't get me wrong they all have their sweet/alpha side, but just his actions and words has your heart-beating and wanting you to take a ride on his motorcycle.
Three years ago Lily/Asher shared one night. They had an instant connection right off the bat, but they couldn't be more different. Lily is shy and a flower and Asher is the tatted bad boy with a heart. They both share similar issues with loss, but now that he knows what pushed her away three years ago things are going to change. He is going to claim her as his, "OLD LADY", but it won't be easy. Lily is very independent and accepts no help from even her friends. You meet her friend, Bex. Wowzer! She is a handful, but a very good friend when you put aside her issues. I love how Rosa, Gwen and Amy band together as family when it comes to their friends, family and MC life. We get to not only see Cade, Brock and Bull we get to laugh at Lucky and then Gage who is always hoping to blow something up. Haven't met these characters yet, have no fear if this is your first book by this author cause you will fall in love with this blended family/friends. While we see some sweet and soft moments coming from an MC, we still get the edge of our seats twists. Come on, we all know the MC life has drama, but never did I expect where this was headed after they worked so hard to clean up their name. As you finish one of Anne's books you are usually at peace and are OK with waiting for the next book since you get left on a happy note, but not this one per say cause while we get left with a smile, we are left yearning for Lucky's story based upon the turn of events blasted our way.
Beyond the Horizon is about both sides of the horizon and you learn just how lucky you are to get to see the Horizon in person whether it be at dusk or dawn. You will tear up, you will laugh and you will be fearful that the Horizon may not be so bright anymore. All I can say is, maybe luck with be on Lucky's side and we breathe clearer in Amber again. This will quickly become on of your favorite MC series.

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