Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: For the Love of Gracie

For the Love of Gracie For the Love of Gracie by Amy K. McClung
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

For the Love of Gracie is a tug at your heart read! From the beginning, you know this story is going to tug, pull and tear you apart. You just hope that in the end your heart and the love for Gracie goes in the direction we want. There was some sensitive topics Gracie and her friends dealt with as well and I felt the author did an awesome job portraying what can transpire when this happens, how hard it is to overcome this trauma and how to deal and heal from this, whether it is professional help or family/friends.
We meet Gracie who always manages to pick the bad boys and this last one is the icing on the cake. Hudson you belong in the River and you are lucky you got off the way you did cause you deserved to be punished a far more worse way than you were. Gracie knew Hudson wasn’t the one and saw signs, but tried to ignore them. Her gay BF, Cam even tries to warn her. Speaking of Cam, we all need a Cam Princess in our life. Love him! Then comes Ashton! Oh Ash my heart broke for you, but in the end this is where you belong. You are what all men should be for us women. Hot, protective, sweet and welcoming to those who are M/M. I love that from a man, you accepted the relationship that Gracie and Cam had and we loved how your friendship with Gavin and Xander were. The whole misunderstanding was funny after the fact, but we needed those laughs while reading this story.
We got to not only meet Cam, but we meet Gavin, Derrick, Mary Jane (MJ) and Angel. These friendships between all them are what friends truly are for. I hope that we get a story on Cam/Gavin even though we know how it played out cause being in a M/M relationship in this world isn’t easy and that ending had my eyes tearing (in a good way though). I cannot wait to read Derrick cause it is not often that a HOT man falls for a bigger sized women and it makes it so much more touching when you fall for the person and not the appearance. Let’s not forget the story of him being a single father at such a young age either. I may just need to buy that Mary Jane candy on a stick while reading that book. Hahaha.
The Southern Devotion Series is a series that is highly recommended. You can easily relate and fall in love with any of the characters. Whether, you read just one as they can be read as standalones or a series whole you will love that you got to share their story with them and hope that we continue to see these characters down the road.

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