Monday, April 17, 2017

Review: In a Lifetime

In a Lifetime In a Lifetime by Ariadne Wayne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, the feels you experience while reading this book are both good and bad so have some tissues handy when reading. This book is told from a dual POV and gives us the insight to both sides and makes the book that much more real; however, I would have loved to see more on Sam’s side. This can only mean we may get more on this trio down the road, I hope. For those of you who do not like love triangles, I am going to say this really isn’t a triangle cause Matt never pursues Ella and sits back on the sidelines loving her the only way he has been able to as a BF until an opportunity changes this.
All it takes is one look at a girl across the room and Matt falls hard. Being the good guy that Matt is he doesn’t get to Ella in time before his BF Sam claims her. You will find out why, lips are sealed, but this intro to these two HOT men will give you clues on what to expect in this story. He does what a good BF would do and sits back and loses the girl to Sam. He will take being the BF to both even though it breaks his heart more and more. Let’s not forget how much it breaks our hearts as well! The author does an amazing job of allowing us to step into the story and become each character. Matt can only take so much and decides to leave the country for awhile since Sam and Ella are now engaged to be married. When he returns though they are struggling to conceive and their relationship wasn’t like it was before he left. Vanessa who is Ella’s sister is a major key character in helping Matt come home to see what is going on with his two BFs. He is speechless just as we are as we start seeing a side of Sam we don’t expect. Wow! Did not expect the turn that we were given with Sam’s bomb dropper and then no matter how many times Ella tries to speak to him he doesn’t listen to what she must say that is huge. I went from loving Salmonella to thinking this Hollywood name totally fits Sam as he is like a poison and does not deserve Ella. She is loving and always puts those she loves first. Ella truly loves Sam, but she doesn’t deserve to just settle she deserves the world.
Matt your tattoo just goes to show how deep your feelings were and I think this was a major plus for Ella once she sees that your feelings aren’t just sympathy feelings and that you truly do love her. I could not even wrap my head around how much Sam changed and it leaves you tearing up quite a few times. We should have known better when daddy dearest wasn’t to keen on Sam and what was going to be their future someday. Ella is strong and forgiving after many years of dealing with a major turning point. Matt your love for Ella and the turning point brings happy tears to our eyes. Your love for Ella and her family is awesome! I also love the banter between you and Nessa.
I first got to meet Ella, Matt and Sam in Nessa and Connor’s book and was intrigued when I found out they had their own story. I’m glad that I read this book as it is very real and shows you that when life falls apart someone is there to help you pick up the pieces. You will fall in love with all characters, but you will especially fall in love with Matt.

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