Thursday, April 13, 2017

Review: Make Me Whole

Make Me Whole Make Me Whole by Kaithlin Shepherd
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story will tug at your heart, but you will feel whole at the end. The Callaway bunch/farm make you want to take a trip to Montana to visit. They are a close-knit family and since this is book one you will fall in love with Cole, but Nick, John and Drew are just as enticing and I cannot wait to read their stories. Let’s not forget the story of Becca! This one I am patiently waiting for cause dealing with her brothers and the neighbor will have you wanting to know more than what we see in this story.
Becca is slick I will say that. Jaime is one of her BF and knows that she is having a hard time recovering form her traumatic experience in Darfur as an aid worker. Jaime’s PT isn’t processing as it should. Knowing her brother, Cole helps heal people from injuries at the farm for this and knowing that he cannot say no to his sister, he offers to help Jaimie in PT. While Cole is healing as well from Afghanistan, he is more whole than Jaime in the healing process. They almost dealt with the same situation. What is truly ironic though is a mutual veteran named, Craig Cassidy! What are the odds in the millions of people in this world that they intertwine from this situation?
The feels you feel just from the phone call introducing Jamie and Cole have your heart beating and then meeting for the first time makes it beat a little faster. I say always listen to your parents as they know what is best. Haha. They have an instant connection and the whole family takes to Jaime right away. The more they hang out the more they aren’t sure if they should expand beyond recovering. Just when it seems to be going well we get a twist and a misunderstanding. Then we see the light and we are thrown a curve ball. You will tear up when it is revealed. You get chemistry, laughter, tears, misunderstanding and healing all in one story. Can Cole be the one to heal Jamie 100% and get her to choose him? Read the story to find out.
Now we just anxiously await a story on Emilia/Nick (oh yeah Emilia is the other BF to Becca and Jamie) and Becca/Josh. If you enjoy reading a second chance at recovery and starting your life over, close-knit family and chemistry with a BOOM when you least expect it this story if for you. Trust me when I say you will fall in love with the Callaway bunch.

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