Thursday, April 27, 2017

Review: Boomerangers

Boomerangers Boomerangers by Heather M. Orgeron
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Spencer is a single mom to three boys. Twin teenagers and a young two year old. They are a handful and she is having a hard time letting others help her raise them. When she has to move back and runs into Cooper again after all these years...Thing come back up. She is a total momma bear. She is sassy and has a best friend who I couldn't get enough of. She is one amazingly strong women.
Cooper let his highschool sweet heart go. He didn't think and she moved on. His heart just wants her back but can he have her? He moved back home after his life goes in the wrong direction and Mees back up with his highschool sweet heart. He's got a bossy side to him but he also has a soft side that you just want to love.
This was a well written book. I think it was a good story line. Some of the same issues kept coming up over and over again but once they moved past them they saw what everyone else saw and it was great. I couldn't have written a better ending. I wish that Gina gets her Owen book. 4 stars.

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