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Review: Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes Out of the Ashes by Anne Malcom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story I have been waiting for is finally here! I was first introduced to Mia and Bull (Zane) in the Unquiet Minds series and I was excited to learn that they had their own story in the Sons of Templar MC series. You don’t know how excited I was! I will say that you do not need to read either series to read either of the stories. You get a full background from both books, but I wanted the full story on the parents and to read more on the tragic of Laurie that we see glimpses of in the MC series. If you only read one of the books from either series, you will enjoy the story trust me; however, if you read both series you get double the pleasure, just saying. Haha!
Mia and Lexie moved to a small town called, Amber to get a fresh start and to head the hotel in town that is owed by the only family she knows (Steve and Ava). Even though these two characters are secondary, I would love to see a novella on them to get their side of the story when it comes to a loss of child, accepting Mia/Lexie are their own and what they had to endure with the crazy man. If not, I am OK, but I always want to see the other side cause I am weird like that. The town if full of HOT men, pretty sure that is a requirement to live in Amber. These men just keep getting hotter and hotter let me tell you! Mia is full of life especially when you learn about her past. She never lets those demons get to her cause she hides them so well even when the past is resurfacing she is strong and will protect Lexie even if it means shattering herself in the process. She meets Bull and right off the bat those looks he burns at her could set her on fire (not in a good way either at those times). We learn why those looks occur though and the struggles Bull faces to live and to battle his demons.
Bull as we learn is Zane. He never thought light would shine again after the ashes that landed in Amber. He starts to see the light when it comes to Lexie and Mia. I love how the quiet times between him and Lexie work for them and how it bonds them together. Mia may be his saving grace until Hope tries to get in the way. Trust me, it’s a heart beating moment. Bull may be burning stares at you, screams danger and belong to a MC club, but don’t let that stop you from falling in love with him, we all know MC men have a soft side and it seems only Mia/Lexie can bring this out. OK so a few more can too, but my lips are sealed!
You will not only love the mother/daughter relationship between Mia/Lexie, you will be on the edge of your seat when twists unfold a few times and what this means for them, you will be fanning yourself with the intense passion scenes and you will be wanting to be claimed as an “OLD LADY” just to get to hang with the Sons of Templar family. What burns down must be rebuilt and this story gives this to us. A second chance at life and love.
Again, you do not need to read any of the Sons of Templar books or the Unquiet Minds series to read this, but you are missing out on some great stories and I cannot wait to get my hands on more of these two series as they become available. It’s always interesting trying to figure out who will get the next story. You will fall in love with all characters from any of these two series. The dark becomes brighter for Mia/Bull. I love how Alpha he is and how he protects his girls. This author is very talented and knows how to hook you from beginning to end and leaves you yearning for more now. Love it!

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