Monday, May 22, 2017

Review: Time For Love

Time For Love Time For Love by Laura N. Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Time for Love was book two in the series and I am going to say that you do not have to read book one to follow this story cause this story was about Nicholas and I did not read book one and loved this story. You will fall in love with the characters and I especially love Katie, Nicholas BF. Talk about opposites attract when it comes to Nicholas and Caleb. You have a homebody who is quirky and a bar owner who loves to work out. Nicholas is shy and still is kinda healing from a failed relationship that involved being cheated on. When he meets Caleb at the bar due to an issue, he cannot believe that Caleb has an attraction to him. I don’t know what was hotter the instant attraction and room scene or the ending after your heart almost drops with a scare here.
I love when Caleb calls Nicholas “adorable, babe or baby” for some reason. I have no clue why it was so touching, but it felt like this sorta helps Nicholas who finally starts to see that little old him (OK young him) is worth it and that Caleb truly has it bad for him just like he has it bad for him. Will the feelings be just feelings or will they be able to have a go at a relationship once Caleb’s secrets are revealed? Only Time will tell. You not only fall in love with these characters, but you fall in love with the secondary characters too and I am excited to see where Katie is headed as well.
The passion between these two are HAWT! You will see that different personalities balance out each other when it comes to relationships including friendships and that HOME is truly where the heart is! I know they shoot for the other team, but I would love to be sandwiched between them at least once. Hahaha. I highly recommend this story if enjoy MM reads.

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