Friday, May 12, 2017

Title: Chasing Ellie
A Chasing Fireflies Standalone Spin Off
Author: Paige P. Horne
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 12, 2017


I’m the wild girl whose mom decided she didn’t want to live anymore. I grew up with a daddy who only had half a heart, in a town where everyone knows everyone. I’ve feared love nearly my whole life because I’ve seen first-hand what losing it looks like. It’s ugly, it’s scary and its pain is almost unbearable. When I was nine years old, my daddy told me you’ll only find one true love in this life.

“It’s the rarest but truest love there is, Little Miss. You find it and you never let it go.”

But I didn't share the chief’s feelings. 

Until one summer day when a brown eyed boy with a busted lip and a smirk, showed up in the small town of Green Ridge. Tommy Kingsley started to change everything. The boy from the south side of Chicago taught me that love isn't something to be feared and that it's the only thing that makes everything else worth it. He gave me hope and this story tells you how.

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Paige P. Horne is known for writing truth within fiction. She lives in Georgia with her husband and two dogs. She is a lover of books and writing. Since she was a child, she has always loved to dive into the amazing world of imagination and now she gets to create worlds of her own and share them with readers. She has two day jobs, but that doesn't stop her from following her passion. For more info on Paige and what she is up to, follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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My heart hearts! Chasing Ellie is so much more than I expected. I knew I was going to love Little Miss’s story regardless of what was written, but the emotions you go through reading this has you wiping you eyes, smiling and wanting to shake Ellie for her stubbornness. Whewy she is a combination of her mama, Sara and her daddy, Cash AKA The Chief. She is the wild girl, much like her mama, but she thankfully didn’t get her illness and stubborn is putting it mildly just like her daddy. Little Miss is totally a daddy’s girl and has her wrapped around his little (OK, big) finger.  Ellie’s memory of Chasing Fireflies with her mama still brings a tear to my eyes. 
Ellie and the Chief make the best of the life together when Sara decided to leave her family. How she left is devastating and as I have said in a prior review from the Chasing Fireflies book, I hope that one day people with this illness have a cure. Cash was never the same and fell on some hard times that scarred Ellie in a way and led to her actions as you will see. True love at it’s finest even though it was devastating to see the hurt still after all these years. 
Tommy a boy from the south side of Chicago and has had a life no child should ever have to live moves to the little town of Green Ridge. Tommy, his brother and Ronnie will touch your heart as well. Ok, well you may want to smack Ronnie numerous times, but I am glad after many years he saw the light. Tommy could have turned out differently and he didn’t. From the moment, he moved to town as Ellie asked, “who won?” that was it. He was a goner; Ellie was the love of his life. BF for years and while Ellie was blind to this for many years, your heart will hurt reading the story these two experience from teenage years to adulthood. 
Your emotions are all over reading this. You get sad from hearing about her mom/dad, her relationship with Tommy, Bear, the house and the rough life Tommy had and the grandparents (still really after all this time). You get happy seeing the friends in Green Ridge who are like family, seeing many outcomes that will put a smile to your face (I want to say what, but that will be giving spoilers and you are not getting them from me) and the ending. My heart can finally beat normal! Haha You will be on the edge of your seat and will not want to put it down. Sleep and reality what is that?! You will feel like you are apart of this world and the experiences they go through will have hurting and healing all in one reading. 
I loved that we got to see a POV on Cash as well. Hearing how he struggles and where he is at today puts a smile on your face. While I feel for Piper, his heart will always belong with Sara. You can have more than one love in your lifetime, but it will never compare to the first one. Ever. I really hope this is not the end of the Chasing series cause I’m sure others would agree that we need more Fireflies, more Williams and Kingsley’s in our life. Maybe we can see a wild child from Ellie. 
This is a spin off series and about Ellie (the daughter) and you do not have to read Chasing Fireflies to fall in love with this story, but it will give you a background into the Chief and Sara’s story as well as Ellie when she was a little girl. Again, it will be your choice and does not need to be read, but you are missing out on heartbreaking, but touching story and message. This story is about hope and how you find love after loss. If you become one of those lucky people in life to find love, don’t let it go. Paige there is not a book yet that I have read by you that doesn’t become one of my favorites. You put us in their story and leave us with a message that maybe can help heal others experiencing similar situations. I look forward to your future stories. Tissues will be waiting (*wink/smiles**).  Tommy will be one of your favorite book boyfriends cause in the end the Chase was worth it.  

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