Monday, May 30, 2016

Review: Chase Me

Chase Me Chase Me by Elizabeth York
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kate finds out her biological dad, Henry (who is rich and has a almost teenager/adult finance) owns the shop she works at is closing up the shop even though they can afford it and he wants Kate to transfer to one of his other buildings doing what a lady should be doing. I love how she tells her co-worker how her mom conceived her by"spitting in a cup and out she grew"-great analogy to tell kids on where they came from. haha

I would have had the same response as Kate did-good for her even if it was her sperm donor. I can't believe he even spoke to her like that and after not knowing her for 30 years and taking away her dreams (shatter is the better description). He's lucky Brooklyn stopped her or he would have had no man parts left to make any more sperm babies with a teenager out for his money. She had a normal life, she wanted until she met the sperm donor. She had her mom, Mike (co-worker and a guy she looked up to like a dad) and Brooklyn who was like a sister to her (as well as her BFF). Brooklyn and Kate are hilarious! Their 40 year old pact and Kate's bean comment OMG dying over here.

Edward is her undoing. Can she allow him to be what they both need to be for each other? They have a lot in common and the in the end the Chase is worth it. In this book, you will laugh, cry, cringe at the emotional moments and be glad that you journeyed on the Chase with Kate, Edward and the secondary characters. I loved that while we didn't have to read her other series, we still got to see Brooklyn. Loved seeing old characters from prior books make an appearance in the new books.

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