Monday, June 13, 2016

Sleepless Fate by Janae Keyes


OMG grab tissues cause you will need them in this heart wrenching story. It makes you think if this happened to you what you would do? Could you do what Brielle did? Is it ok to move on or do you live hoping for your fiancé to wake up and you watch the world go on without you? If your fiancé woke up would they understand why you did what you did or do you stay for comfort are the questions you will ask yourself while reading this book.

Brielle has been with her fiancé, Keaton who has been lying in a coma for two years since she was a young one. They didn't have a perfect life and where going through a hard time right before the accident occurred. Holy moly I would be pissed if I found out about this and question so much, but could you really get answers when your fiancé is lying in a coma. She has done what most people would not do and remained faithful to him for the two years he has been in a coma. She is just going through life on pause and while her family has been there for her, they really want her to move on and begin her life again since it doesn't look promising for Keaton.

She meets Patrick again through her job, she first met him while in Business school. He always did like her, but she was with Keaton so he backed down. It seems fate had other plans for Brielle. Just when she finally realizes it is ok to move on from Keaton, the world comes crashing again. What do you do when you have a crazy ex that taunts Brielle at every chance she can get and what transpires with Keaton? I wanted to strangle Veronika (evil doesn't not begin to describe this women). I am so glad, Patrick woke up before it was too late cause I wanted to smack the heck out of him. Really, your past does not define you and you almost lost your fate there buddy.

I think I wanted to smack Keaton more though. Really I cannot believe what he says and does to Brielle after all the crap she endured while in their relationship and him being in the coma. My mouth dropped on the beach scene. My how you truly are blind when you think someone is the one and ignore all signs. This story is about fate and makes you think what would you do?

The secondary characters are just as awesome and make this story as well. I would love to see more on her BF, April.

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