Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: Sticks

Sticks Sticks by T. Gephart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book begins with a bang. It will hook you from the first page and you will be wanting to read this book all in one sitting. You will continue to see the band progress and see the secondary characters which are such an added bonus. Love stories from both POVs.

Kenzie was in for the shock of her life. That one night of fun with a friend with benefits just got sticky. Joey reminds me of Joey from Blossom haha. He's hot, but is ditzy. He can work those sticks like no other, but what does he do when he is informed of the shock of his life?

Love that he attempted to man up even though his heart wasn't in it, but I truly loved that Kenzie put him in his place. Too many people marry for the wrong reason and they did the right thing and waited.

You will laugh, cheer them on and want to throw your kindle at that attorney. OMG, poor Joey did what he thought was right and that lawyers throws us a bone. Glad that Kenzie and Joey were able to stick through everything and get their HEA.

The real question is how is the author going to spin the next book cause we just seen most in book 1 and 2? Well I definitely can't wait to read book 3 cause I'm very curious to see if I will be left standing after book 3. Love this series!

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