Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Yes, Mr. Mitchell and You're Mine Nicole by Luxx Monroe

YES, Mr. Mitchell 



Nicole is a young women who is going to college. She finally decided to cash in her v card before she officially started school. When she met a sexy older man who could take care of her issue she went for it.
Garren is about to start teaching college students. He is a professional writer and has written books before. He wanted to help out his old college professor turned president of the school. Before he started he needed a night out. Out he went and met a young women to take care of his needs. 
This book was hot!! It was a short book and so sweet! I loved every minute of it until the ending! There is a cliffy and a twist! 5 stars. Who's ready to get hot for teacher!?

You're Mine Nicole

Blogs Review 

Nicole had went through some trauma at a young age. Will she get over it and find love again? Will everything work out with Mr. Mitchell her former college professor/lover? 
Garren had saved Nicole's life showing up like he did. Will he be able to make up for the things he previously said to her? 
These two are so good together! I'm glad we got closure in their love story. I liked some of the twists that happened. Amazing short story. 5 stars

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