Monday, June 20, 2016

Review: One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars

One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars One Hundred & Thirty-Six Scars by Amo Jones
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Warning, this book may contain triggers and may not be suitable for all readers. This book is a dark one, you have been warned.

Meadow has endured something that should never happen to anyone since the age of four and you will learn where the title comes from in her story. This was not only a dark story, but heart wrenching as well. She is one strong heroine is all I gotta say.

Agent 316 or Beast was no better. From birth he had to endure, something no one child or adult should have to do. He has had enough and devices a plan of escape with who we will learn as Hella. As they say you may be able to escape your past; however, it may come back to haunt you. He is now the President of the MC club not just locally, but in various states. He ironically, saved Meadow years ago and they meet through another MC club. They say fate is your destiny and while these two endured a horrible past, it brought them together. They each have their own scars and accept each other for the scars they have.

This is the first book I have read by this author and it won't be the last. I can see the other books by this author may intertwine and would love to read the others to get the full story. These can be read as standalones, but I always like getting the full story. Can't wait to read more on Hella cause that is one scary character that I know has a story that will be just as dark if not darker.

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