Thursday, June 30, 2016

Title: Boss Box Set
Series: Boss #1-5
Author: Rae Lynn Blaise
Genre: Mob BDSM Romance 
 Release Date: June 30, 2016


Book 1

"Six years ago, I made a deal with the devil.
Six years ago, I delivered a package to a man that made me tremble - in fear and in lust.
Six years ago, I barely walked away with my life.
Today, that man became my boss. And I'm still trembling."

Book 2

"There is more to my boss than I ever expected - more needs.
But then, there's more to me than he knows - more wants.
Together, we could start fires with our scorching heat.
But how hot can we get before I am burned alive?"

Book 3

"My past is threatening to overwhelm me, to destroy what happiness I have found.
My lover, my boss has a past as well, but he won't let me in.
I'll do anything for him to let me in - anything.
But can I survive the secrets I uncover?"

Book 4

"I'm afraid I'll be destroyed the same way my sister was.
I want to understand his secrets, I want him to protect me, but now he has me under his control.
I'm afraid I'll disappear and no one will even know I was here.
I can't stop, though...because I'm falling in love."

Book 5

"He’s betrayed me in the worst possible way.
My heart wants it to be a mistake.
My mind has me on the run, for my life.
Will I survive without him? Do I want to?"

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Author Bio

Tattooed connoisseur of smut. Compulsive writer of any sexy idea that drifts through my mind. Hurricanes and hot guys always welcome.

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Volume One-
Erica's life growing up consisted of running errands for the mob. We don't get much information on how she got started in doing this. As a grown up she started a new job and finally get's to meet her boss. Will meeting her boss bite her in the butt? 
Brent is one hot boss! We don't know much about what he is into specifically and what his mob ties are. 
This was a quick read. I feel like there are more questions than answers. Who are the two characters at the end? How do they play into this story? 4 stars. 

Volume Two- 
Erica is still questioning herself and the relationship with Brent. Does she want to give into Brent's requests? Who did she submit to before? 
Brent is still trying to get her to submit to him. I have a love/hate relationship with him. 
I still can't get a good handle on Brent and what he is about. I'm still left with more questions than answers. 4 Stars. 

Volume Three- 
Erica keeps going back for more. She just can't get enough of Brent quite yet. I thought she was strong but she just keeps going back. He has some big secrets though! Will she keep going back for more? or will she give him up? 
Brent is such a big mystery! I can't figure him out. Do I want to like him? Yes but I have more questions. 
I want some answers. Who is Liz? Also I don't understand what the two characters were doing at the end of book 1. Where do they fit in? 4 stars

Volume Four- 
Erica has a need to be submissive and she really enjoys the feeling Brent gives her. Will she finally get her answers about him? Liz? Who's coming after her and Brent? 
Brent is he working with Georgios? Is he a bad guy or a good guy? 
I'm so confused? What is happening? Off to the last volume. 4 stars 

Volume Five- 
Erica keeps running and coming back. I don't enjoy women who keep doing this. You either stand by your man or move on. 
Brent is finally opening up about his past. We still don't know about what he does for the mob or his ties to it. 
I feel like this one was rushed. I feel like there could be more. I still don't understand the two characters at the end of volume one. What were their purpose if they were not involved in the story. 4 stars

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