Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lethal Temptations (Tempted Series, #5)Lethal Temptations by Janine Infante Bosco
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This is the book that I think many of us have been waiting for. I will start off by saying that you don't have to read each book to understand the series as the author does a phenomenal job of keeping us informed of the secondary characters as well as allowing us to understand the storyline from the Satan's Knights MC. I could truly attest to this as I've read & reviewed books 1 & 2, but did not get a chance to read & review books 3 & 4. I was leery on jumping to book 5 and boy am I so glad I did cause this was the story of all stories and I felt like I didn't even miss any of the books. I will definitely be going back to read the missing ones though cause I can't get enough of the Satan Knights MC.

These were the characters that we all wanted to know more about-Blackie and Lacey. We all knew there was a story hiding in the Temptations Series. Blackie is the VP of the Satan Knights and Lacey is the daughter of the President of the Satan Knights.

Blackie is an addict and has a dark past that he fights his demons with every day and in the club business. Lacey over the years of watching over her has become his lethal temptation among other demons he is fighting and he isn't sure he can put his angel in harm's way.

Lacey has a dark side, that she keeps hidden. She is a manic depressive just like her dad. The only one to finally see this is Blackie. He somehow can silence her maker.

Together they are leather and lace, they are each two broken souls that only they can have the power to heal each other. Their age difference is only the first lethal temptation in finding the story of their tale to be with each other. Can he save her? Can she save him? I guess the real question is can he protect her and the person she knows they can be if he just stops fighting it and gives it a go? What will daddy say and what does this mean for Blackie and his club? So many questions you say, well then go grab Lethal Temptations and get the answers you are looking for. I could go on, but that would leave spoilers so read this book even if you have never picked up any of the Temptations books cause you will not be disappointed and you will even find the angel is a fa├žade when it comes to sex for Lacey. Boy oh boy, she has a side we all didn't see and is hot!!

This may be hard for those fighting these demons; however, if you should read it just know that the author does an awesome job on ensuring we feel what you guys try to fight on a daily basis even years later being in recovery. While we may not truly know what you experience we at least get a taste and applaud you for being sober and fighting those makers that can takeover. A must read especially if you love the MC books.

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