Sunday, June 12, 2016

Review: Accidentally Perfect

Accidentally Perfect Accidentally Perfect by Torrie K Robles
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Accidentally Perfect is just that. Laney wished for a perfect life, marriage etc. Well she didn't quite get that initially in her life. Her ex-husband, Brad cheated on her and she was in the marriage because of the girls. Then her boyfriend cheated on her with the neighbor. Could she ever find her HEA without a man cheating on her?

Insert, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Laney was a Carrie Underwood in the making when she woke up. This was awesome! Just what she needed a man she didn't know and how would her girls deal with this change? Does she divorce him or does she give this accident a chance?

Nathan is every women's dream. Not all accidents in Vegas are accidents. Some are just meant to be. He shows that just cause you meet someone doesn't mean you can't step up and be the man a women needs even in the weak moments and can be a caring step dad to children. He never treated them like they weren't his from the beginning. Him and Brad had a lot to work through, but they were adults about it.

This book seriously covered true facts that we face in real life. It was awesome to finally read a HEA about a divorced single mom and how a man can truly love you for you and your children are not excluded and loved by not only the parents but the step parent. This covered how it can be hard for both parents to allow another person to come in an assist in the parenting while learning to accept each other as adults. Loved the girls and especially how the youngest twin helped the oldest twin with her speech so she never felt left out. I wanted to cuddle them, even if they weren't real. This book made you feel like you lived in the world of these characters and hope we get to see more of them.

I really hope that we get to see more on Troy and Stella or even Brad and Natalie cause there is something there. A little funny that it would be Laney's ex and Nathan's sister, but hey this is everyday true life and this truly happens in the real world.

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