Sunday, June 12, 2016

Review: Heart of the Music

Heart of the Music Heart of the Music by Kaithlin Shepherd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book, I've read by this author and it certainly will not be the last. I love reading about rock bands and love country music and this book was awesome. The whole band is very talented and could see not only the heart of their music, but could see what was blind to both the front man, Jarrod and Patricia AKA Trish. Well just say that Jarrod and Trish were not blind to their feelings they are just two very stubborn people that took years to finally get to where they should have been on day one.

Trish knew from day one that this band was very talented and going to go somewhere. Jarrod knew from day one that Trish was it. Since Trish began working for the band, they would skirt around their feelings and while through the years get to a point where you think they will finally take the step they should have from day one, they don't. Trish had to deal with the women that Jarrod would be with whether she liked it or not for years. Jarrod had one chance to step up before it was too late and lose Trish not only as a person in the industry, but as the one he was meant to be with.

This is told from past and present and while some may not like that, it allows you to get their full story and why it took so long for them to get the HEA and how the band progressed through the years. I can't wait to read more on the Saint and Sinners and the band mates stories as well as Trish's future (I will leave it at that so I don't give any spoilers). She deserves this and is very talented in the industry world. No, I didn't give it away either cause I didn't say which industry. haha. Don't miss this book about music, friends, hot men and being in the public eye as well as the hot scenes between Jarrod and Trish cause the chemistry was there from day one when she seen them perform in a bar.

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