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The latest Tweets from Kay Lindy (@KayLindy_). Suspense Romance Writer, author of Loves of Deception Series

I was excited to read this book after reading book one by this author. I cannot wait to read the next book as yes, there is a cliffy, but it's ok it will be well worth it because Kay has yet to not deliver a stellar story. She's that good so if you haven't read any of her books, try one and I guarantee you will like or love them. You do not have to read the books in order they are standalones.
Roxy has been dealt a crappy life (that is putting this nicely) and leaves town to attempt at starting a better life. Well I'm not certain it was a better life, but we all follow our loves at some point in our lives right? Whether a right or wrong decision. I'm glad she lost BF one, though I'm not too certain on Blair. They match to a point, but I truly think she belongs with Jack. He seems like his love his real and can give her the good life with no drugs. Blair is good to a point to her, tingles and all, but you are escaping one life to go down another rabbit hole.
Roxy feels guilty about leaving her sister and the stuff that occurs is heart wrenching. There is so much more I want to say, but that would then leave spoilers so all I can say is read this book cause it will have you feelings things while wanting to strangle quite a few. Roxy is a strong women from the beginning and continues with the strength right up to the end. Can she continue to be strong and live the life she is worth and waiting for?

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